Fossil fun games

In Animal Kingdom - this is showing on my TP with only a 3 minute duration. It’s the carnival games area, with 6 different kinds of games - I would think it should have a duration of at least 20 minutes. Any thoughts on how to fix this on my TP?

If its 6 different games you might have to put it in 6 times?? Some people might only do 1 of them. Are they the ones that cost extra,? We skipped them last time. You can just schedule a break at nearby restaurant for the time you think you’ll need to play all the stalls. Just checked the prices $4/5 per game per person. I wouldn’t bother with them.

I always just walk right by. If you have children the play ground in the area will take a while but you can add a break for 15 minutes and note it is to play the games?