Is it just me or is the nicest Disney forum out there. Not much rudeness at all.


What a nice thing to say! I've never read any other Forums, so I can't compare, but I've always been very impressed with how nice and polite Liners are in general.


Same here @SallyEpp_cot. Lines is my first "chat" experience and it has been so much fun! Everyone is friendly and so willing to share their knowledge! smile I'm proud to be a part of this group!


Yes, I have actively been on two forums before but quit them both because of negativity and ignorance. One was Disney related but the other wasn't. They kind of left me gun-shy for forums and that's why I was originally upset when this switched over but so far, everyone is awesome.

My DH was JUST complaining about how mean and petty some of the other forums are - He only gets into reading them right before a trip. Much prefer the good vibes here!