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Is there a way to set like an email alert for specific keywords?

Example: my FPP day is Feb 22. If, for some reason, fast passes for ROTR would become available after that point, I know someone on here would be on it immediately. :laughing:

Is there anything I can do, other than checking in each morning, to get alerts specific to that topic?

Our trip is just past the spring break window, so I’m thinking if Disney was going to eliminate boarding groups, that might be a time to do it (then again, I really have no idea).


You can watch forum topics or categories but I don’t believe you can do keywords. You’d get a notification for every new WDW forum thread in that case.

If you have instagram, you could follow Disney accounts like Disney Food Blog or WDWNT and turn on notifications when they post stories. Wouldn’t be specific to RotR and they post multiple times a day, but I find they post updates pretty quickly when something happens like FPP.


^^this is the most efficient way I’ve found to get updates, too.

You could also try setting up an emailed Google alert for new blog/news site articles that mention ROTR, Fast Passes, and “now available”. I did that last year with the Storybook Dining at Artist Point reservations and it worked :raised_hands:t2:

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You just need to be like most of us and constantly stalk the forum!


I subscribe to mouse hacking and they sent an email notifying that MMRR was doing FPPs. The liner groups on Facebook specific to each month are also really helpful.

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All great tips. Thank you!!

I lurk around here quite a bit during the day, but my mornings are pretty chaotic. I dont have an instagram, but I’m guessing some of those accounts mentioned likely have twitter accounts too, so I’ll start there and the Google email alert!

Thanks again everyone!

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