Forum page "floats" all over on my iPad screen

The page floats as if I have zoomed in, though I have not. It's super annoying. Just thought I'd pass it along. Thx!

@OBNurseNH - are you still having this problem? I might be able to tag one of the staff or tech-knowledgeable Liners to get you some help. There's also a "Bugs" thread somewhere that might have an answer.

Oh, I forgot. You went to bed, didn't you? I seem to remember you don't live in a US time zone? Hopefully someone will offer to help when it's daytime for you.

Yes, still having that problem indeed.

I live in NH smile I just work nights wink I'm awake now smiley

Sorry. I got you totally confused with someone else. smile

So. Let's trouble shoot. It works on my iPhone, and I don't have an iPad, but someone must have an idea. I'll go look through threads for suggestions and then come back. At least you're NOT alone, right?

(Edited to add the word NOT.)

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Ack! Not alone! I meant to say at least you're NOT alone!

It looks like @daybreaker might be someone who can help. I'll try tagging.

if you go to (another site that uses the same forum software), does their page float around too?

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I will check into that and let you know.

Yes, it happens there too. But, just realized it ONLY happens when reading inside a thread. Home pages (here and there at boingboing) do not float. I wonder if it has something to do with data outside the "margins"??