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I know many users on chat are reporting issues but the last two days I am getting a weird “glitch” on my iPhone 8. The forum has always logged out in my phone after an hour or two but these days once it logs out I get this screen:

Anyone else?

Not me - and the forum never logs me out either. iPhone 7S Plus, iOS 11.2, Safari browser.

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One thing I did notice in your screenshot is that it appears that you are using a link in the Lines app to access the Forum. Try opening your browser and navigating directly to the Forum at

That’s the funny thing- I am not using a link from chat. I have a short cut saved and that is what I have used for 3 plus years. I will admit that the forum is open in my phone browser but I have the short cut in my favorites in case I accidentally lose my mind and close the window.

Maybe you created the shortcut after accessing the Forum through the app link? Do you get the “< WDW Lines” indicator in the top left of the screen when directly browsing to the Forum site?

This is what it looks like from my phone?

Strange - your first screenshot has the " < WDW Lines" indicator, but the second one does not.

Yes! It is like it converts - I don’t understand.

I haven’t had the problem with my Galaxy but it was acting slow yesterday. Had more problems with Starbucks App.

I guess I had the forum open three times in my browser and all windows converted to that screen but it hasn’t happened in a couple of days so maybe it was just a little glitch.

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I’m not sure where to post this and I don’t mean to come across as a jerk but is there an ignore button?

Ignore a thread or a post? You can go into your settings and decide how you are notified. Did you get a notification of this thread? How often do you log on? This thread is two months old. My settings are set so that I see every thread I have not read but how do you have your threads sorted? All categories?

No a particular person

Like Facebook ? I don’t think so - @len, is it possible?

We’ve been doing some server maintenance, and that might be it. (We’re converting pages to HTTPS, updating the blog, etc. Minor stuff.) Let me know if this happens again, please.

@len, @Jason1981 jumped onto this thread and asked if you could block a particular poster. I see you can mute a particular thread but if he is trying to block someone that is very opinionated and jumps in a lot of threads (ok- like me) it would be a pain.
It s not possible- right?

For the record I wasn’t referring to you

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Thanks! I would still try to help you- even if it was - but that is a relief!


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