Forum issues since outage

Hi @Lentesta and @daybreaker. You’re probably already aware but since the site went down recently there have been some issues with it. No one can like a post, as it automatically unlikes it after you click the heart. Also seeing reports that the mobile version is not functioning, although my Galaxy S4 using Chrome seems to be ok. Didn’t see a thread here in Meta so starting one so that other’s can report their issues as well.

Also, on my iPad about every other time the “latest” shows me only one thread and it is an August countdown thread.

@PrincipalTinker, that happens to me on my computer!

Oh that reminds me, when the site came back up my unread tab had a bunch of old threads on it. Hasn’t happened since then though.


Screen shot from my iPhone 5s iOS 7 using Safari. I cannot figure out why it looks cut off and I can’t see the notifications icon on the top right. I have never had any issues checking the forum on my phone.

When I revisit a thread, it doesn’t always take me to spot where I left off (it used to do that). Also, it sometimes leaves off a post that I had previously seen.

This thread is a perfect example of my computer problem. When I go to Latest, it still has ‘new’ by it, and I only see the first two posts. On my phone, I’m able to see the rest of the posts. Strange!

The links here from the main TP site and from my dashboard aren’t working. If I hadn’t gotten an email that @Iheartepcot hadn’t replied to the fitbit thread I never would’ve found the forum! (And it’s dark and scary over on the chat!)

@Outer1 I downloaded Chrome and now the forum looks as it should on my phone. Still cut off when I open through Safari though. Guess I will have to have a second browser to use just for the forum.
Thank you for your help.

Glad it worked. And hopefully it will be fixed soon so it won’t require two browsers, just didn’t want you to be without on your trip.

That was my worry!! I need my liner buddies along with me anytime I’m in the world. :slight_smile:

I would heart this but well… lol

I hearted all of your comments helping me today.

Same issue w ‘like’. Worried it was related to the latest IOS update

Whomever knocked over the server the other night is in deep poo doo. I want my hearts back.

and while you’re at it, can you give me unlimited hearting abilities? that’d be great. thanks!!

Using IE 11. When I click on the forum link from the main TP web page the page will not load. I click the refresh option and then it loads.

I’d :heart: this if I could. :slight_smile:

right back atcha.

Hey @VanellopeVonDoom, I think I figured it out. Just randomly today I click on the three lines next to my avatar on the top menu and hit ‘desktop view’ and got exactly what you’re getting. And i couldn’t scroll over to the three little lines again to change it back so i was stuck only seeing part of the screen.

I cleared the cache and cookies and when I loaded it again I had to re-login but it was fixed after that. So you might give that a try!