Forum glitchy?

This morning forum is being weird for me- anyone else? My New and Unread will show a number, but when I click on it, the real post number is different. This used to happen on my phone, but has never happened in Safari. For example, it will show that there are two new threads but when I click on New to see them, there are only two. Also, This morning I had notifications on mentions and replies that I read last night (no notification then - maybe a delay?).

I haven’t noticed any issues on my iPhone this morning.

Yeah, phone seems OK- iPad is annoying me!

Now the forum has completely gone crazy on me!

So, this is what I was seeing:

I have to say that since I updated my iPad to IOS 9 my “new” and “unread” notifications have been wrong: It may say there are 7 new threads and when I click on it there are two- or I get an alert that someone has tagged me but it is the same post repeatedly. Am I the only one this is happening to?