Fort Wilderness

I’m surprised there isn’t any chatter about Fort Wilderness. The reservations are becoming more difficult and more of us old(Er) folks with little white fur babies still spend a bunch of money. Even more so if you it all up.
Am I missing some blog stuff somewhere or is it something TP isn’t interested in allocating bandwidth?

The forum chatter is driven by the users. If you don’t see chatter about any one thing it’s because the users aren’t talking about it, not because TP prevents it.

Please feel free to be a trendsetter! Tell us what you love about FW and why!

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We have been to WDW many many times. Family groups of 2 to 12. We made the decision to travel from Maine to FW pulling our 38’ 5th wheel because we didn’t want to leave the hairy babies with a sitter. They always camp with us and we think many families young and old feel the same way. Was wondering if anybody has ever had issues at FW with less than well behaved critters.

Hi - I’ve stayed at FW a couple times - love it there. Totally understand that there isn’t a lot of FW specific info here. This place is amaaaaaaazing for all sorts of other topics. When I was planning my last trip that included FW, a forum called Fort Friends was super helpful. All people who stay there frequently and some for extended periods of time.

After postponing several times we are finally arriving Sept 12, 21. Should be an interesting adventure considering everything that been going on. Stand by for an honest report sprinkled with sarcasm.


Can’t wait to read all about it! The last time I camped at FW was decades ago. Spent more time in the parks than in the RV. I’d love to just hang out there for a spell sometime again.