Fort Wilderness - Romantic Spots?

I have exhausted the internet and tried to call but have not been able to find any good solid options. We are planning a stay in the cabins during January. Are there any private or romantic spots that a boy may consider asking or proposing a question to his girlfriend? We are looking for a spot that is within walking distance in or around Fort Wilderness.

We looked at the carriage rides however they are closed until April at Fort Wilderness. We are looking toward an afternoon timeframe if that makes a difference.

I saw there is a “Fitness trail” connecting to Wilderness lodge but it seems to be paved near a roadway. Ideally a place where a photographer may just happen to walk by and catch the special moment would be a Godsend.

This is our first time to Fort Wilderness and do not know the area. I even tried google earth but can’t really tell what looks good and what looks bad. We are hoping some others with experience of the area may be able to help.

Any ideas, leads, or suggestions would be very much appreciated. Thank you

Near the docks, during HEA or Electrical Water Pageant.

I have zero experience with it but how about Crockett’s Tavern or the area around it?

So not a direct answer, but check out this group:

These guys are like liners specifically for FW. They were so helpful when we planned our camping trip. I’m sure they will have lots of suggestions!

Thank you so much for the lead. I will check it out now