Fort Wilderness Questions

I would like to go over here on our arrival night.

I see that The Chuck Wagon is open (would prefer Trail’s End but the ADR is too late) and wondered if they’re still doing any singalong/campfire things, as well?

Hoping to rent a golf cart and see some decorations.

I’ve read that you have to be staying at the Fort to rent a cart.

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Then they’ve changed it. :frowning: Oh, well, I still want to go!

I’m trying to remember if we walked or took the bus…definitely we took the bus. We did the horseback riding at the front and then took the bus to where the campfire area is (but we did archery experience). We actually had a rental car but we had to leave it at the front of course. It wasn’t so bad to take the bus.

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Yes, this has changed recently.

Don’t know if carriage rides are back. I’m guessing hay ride won’t be back this year.

Thank you!

Just seen that the sleigh rides are back from Dec 1st.


Awesome! Maybe we’ll do that!