Fort Wilderness Construction near beach

When I visited in April this year, the construction workers were beginning to move the beach to the East of the boat launch area on the lake. More specifically, the area east of the launch had trees for several hundred yards along the lake and a couple of clearings with great views of the lake. I’ve made it one of my regular spots to photograph birds and I was hoping the habitat wouldn’t be completely lost in the name of resort expansion. I’m going back in November and was wondering if anyone can share update as to what to expect.



If you are talking about FW Campsites, we were there two weeks ago. We took the boat from MK to have lunch at Trails’ End. It was our first visit ever to the campsite, so we had no prior experience knowing what the place looked like before. Anyway I recall seeing a very nice and big beach on the right side (west??) of the boat ramp as we exited and don’t remember even seeing any beach on the left side (or east side?) of the ramp. But then I wasn’t looking for one either. Regardless I do not recall seeing construction of any sort going on in that area, nor near the boat ramps or Trading Post. We enjoyed the view for about 20 minutes from the porch of the Trails End restaurant waiting for our reservation. It was quiet and beautiful the whole time…

It is a nice area. The West beach from the launch area continues to a small dock and a fence that is the boundary of the old River Country water park that is now part of the construction for the new resort. (You may be able to see some of the construction from the launches that pass near it returning to the Contemporary or Wilderness Lodge)

Most people don’t notice the East side. There is sand on the East and a long winding clearing on the East side of the launch area - but instead of clear views of the lake it has a short rope fence and trees at the edge along the lake for the most part. The East side clearing continues for several hundred yards to a canal that is fenced. When I was there in April, the construction crews were installing additional sand barriers on the East side. Cast Members told me that the Ft Wilderness Beach would be moved from the West side to the East side at some point during the new resort construction and the beach you noticed would become a part of the new resort. I believe this to still be the case, but it sounds like they haven’t done anything yet for construction of the West side.

Has anybody walked the East side recently? It is (was) open to guests but most people don’t venture to that side because of the unpacked sand, but many times campers or those fishing will notice the clearing at the canal which is nearer to the trail. For the photography folks, this area has some great spots to get shots of herons, cranes, eagles, osprey, waterfowl, small birds, and hawks and is worth the walk.