Fort Wilderness & Camping

So there just isn’t a lot about Fort Wilderness on this forum. I’m hoping to pull out some information if you guys have it to share.

My husband and I are staying there in June:

  1. What have people used in the past for transportation to MK? We are planning to drive to the other parks, but on MK day we have an early breakfast reservation, and since it is supposedly faster would like to use the transport.

  2. We are planning to eat a very early breakfast at our campsite most mornings. Anyone have suggestions about meals they’ve used for quick early morning camp breakfasts?

  3. I know from reviews that the bath houses are wonderfully clean and modern. For people who have stayed there, did you find them particularly crowded?

Think that’s it for us right now, but please feel free to share other tips and trick for this location.

  1. Internal bus to the “Settlement”, then a boat to MK.

  2. The comfort stations are very clean. I shower at night, so I never saw a crowd, but I imagine that they would be much busier in the mornings.

Husband and I stay at the Fort each year and love it!
We always use Disney transportation to each park and have never had to wait long for transport or felt the need to drive to any park. (With parking/traffic, etc. it takes longer to drive and then walk in to the park than just getting dropped off by the bus)
The water taxi to MK is definitely the fastest (maybe a 12-15 min ride, max) and is a great experience on its own. You can even see the remains of Discovery Island and River Country on the way!
For breakfasts in our camper, we usually do granola/protein bars and coffee. Easy to take on the go to the bus/boat as well.
Occasionally we will do P&J’s takeout for grab biscuits and gravy on the way to the boat (it’s a snack credit and very filling!)
Never seen much of a crowd at the comfort stations, as most folks are there in a camper/RV.

Hope this helps!

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