Fort Wilderness Cabins

We will be staying at the cabins in June and was wondering if there is any certain cabin/loop that is better to request for our stay. We will be renting a golf cart so transportation within the parks will not be a problem (hopefully). We will have 3 adults and two children (ages 1 & almost 6).


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We’ll be there in June too - first time. I don’t have first hand experience but from what I read there are 2 cabins in 100 which are super hard to get but near the singing and marina. Otherwise, they’re all pretty far out. 900-1100 is near settlement, 2200 near the Meadows, 700 is near the Marina and Pioneer Hall. It’s a matter of preference.



I stayed there in December and loved it. With a golf cart I wouldn’t worry too much. Otherwise, my understanding is that people tend to choose the loops near either the pool(s) or the restaurants.

FW is absolutely ginormous, but it seems that all loops/cabins are very similar/identical. For my trip, I chose to request the first available to be able to get in the cabin asap, rather than making specific loop requests at the risk of waiting longer. :woman_shrugging:


Good advice. I didn’t think it matters much either but I do want early check in.


We used Touring Plans to request a cabin near to the smaller pool- and we were walking distance to it. This was so handy because there is one bathroom, so we often sent one of the boys to the pool to use those facilities. :slight_smile: That could come in handy for you all having 3 adults in your party, I’d imagine.

My big regret from that trip was not planning enough down time to enjoy the grounds and to really have fun with our golf cart. I love FW Cabins though- definitely want to go back someday.


From what I understand there are comfort stations all around the resort though, not just by the pool. We have an entire rest day planned to explore.

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You can easily fill up a day exploring and enjoying the resort. You can take a relaxing boat ride to WL Geyser point and the monorail resorts, too. There is also the electric pageant, chip n’ dale sing along, the horses :racehorse: , …. :star_struck:

I thought the boat to WL wasn’t running anymore but I know there’s a bus. I’m planning on eating a few meals over there.

Really ? Bummer. I had planned to take it on my trip but didn’t - as I would be late for an ADR. I guess that was a good decision then.

When do you go?

The boats between the lodges hasn’t been running since COVID. I’m going end of June.

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The cabin loops are not really close to the Outpost/entrance of Fort Wilderness but they are closer than the camping loops. The Outpost is where the busses for AK HS DS and Epcot are.

There may not be comfort stations amongst the cabins because of the cabins having a bathroom. There is only one bathroom in each cabin.

We’ve stayed twice at FtW. One with a golf cart and once without. With the internal bus system I probably wouldn’t feel the need for a cart. It’s handy, tho we were a bigger group than what would fit in a cart, so not that handy. And you do want them to be plugged in while you’re at the park.

The cabins are further from the Marina/Pioneer Hall area than the camp sites are.

The boat from FtW to MK is running. It only goes between those two places.

It used to make a circuit of the 3 resorts at that area but does not. WL has a separate MK boat.

Can you charge your cart while it’s parked at the marina or outpost?

There are outlets. When we had a cart there weren’t always enough to go around. Early bird might still be the one to get the plug in.

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When we were there over Christmas and New Year we went over to Geyser Point for lunch. The boats did MK to FW to WL and back.

The boat dock CM said they often do this during the day at non peak times. So if planning to go to WL for lunch you might find you can take the boat.

Although it was standing room only by the time we left FW because you had everyone who was heading to MK boarding. Lots of strollers, wheelchairs and ECVs.