Fort Wilderness Cabins - high chair?

Anyone know if the cabin already has a high chair (like the DVC villas do) or does that need to be requested?

Kind of related, I just read this on the TP FW cabin profile:

" Water pressure in the shower is average - probably less than what you get at home, but still enough to get your hair clean. The bathroom includes one sink, average counter space, and two shelves. There are also cabinets under the sink that provide additional storage. A 1500-watt, hair dryer is provided, but it’s not very powerful; bring your own if you’ve got lots of hair."

Once upon a time @len wouldn’t have needed to heed these remarks, but more recently he might want to :laughing:


I haven’t been there in a few years, but the last time I was there there was not one.

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I think they need to be requested. I don’t recall seeing one when we were there over the summer.

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Thank you!