Formal night question

Hi, this question is for all cruise lines not necessarily just Disney. Can you wear your formal dress at another time than formal night or would you get told to change?

You can wear a nice outfit any time!

What if it’s a very formal, floor length gown?

In August on a non formal night we had dinner at Remy and we went throughout the ship in very formal clothes. We were fine. On RCL there were people that dressed formally every night in the main dining room, and others in casual clothes (even on formal nights). I don’t think you can be over dressed although formal gowns are more often seen on formal nights.

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You’ll be fine.
You may get some broad smiles and nods, but it’s totally fine.
You’ll see wedding parties.

Related question - we’re on a 4-night Nassau-Castaway Cay Cruise and are not planning on any pay dining experiences this time. Is the formal wear only required at Remy or is there a ship-wide formal night?

I believe the first night was “dress up”. We actually saw men in swim shorts during dinner. A polo shirt (unlike Remy) would be fine.

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Rules are generally first full sea day is formal night.
(If you have two sea days the second would be semi formal.)

It’s acknowledged by many and ignored by just as many.

My clan wears shirts and ties for formal and semi formal. My guys haven’t brought jackets. They wear polos or button up shirts without ties the other nights.

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On the 4 night dream the last night is the only sea night. I think it might be a packing issue?

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