Forcing FPP and number of FPP I plan to use

FPP booked for Feb trip. On my AK day it kicks EE to late afternoon instead of using 10AM FPP. Better to force TP to use my FPP or let 10 AM FPP expire? TP does not recommend an alternative. This is a must do for DS17 (he yak’d on the yeti when he was 8 and has decided it’s time to face the monster) and we anticipate wanting to ride again with FPP4+ thus the earlier FPP time.

Also, TP asks how many FPP I plan to use for rides in each category. Is it asking if I plan to try for FPP 4+ or is this really for planning purposes before your FP day? Not really sure how to use this feature.

I don’t know, precisely, but I can tell you that when we were there during a very low CL time, EE was practically a walk-on, making having a FPP pretty pointless. It would seem that for a February trip, the FPP for EE offers very little advantage, time-wise, since crowds would be quite low. I think our longest wait was about 5 minutes.

TP probably knows this and has found that using the time after RD is better spent in other lines to avoid long ways. For example, rather than using a FP for EE at 10 am, which probably offers zero advantage, time-wise, it would be better to RD FOP and save considerable time.

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Got it. CL is 6 that day so not too bad. Thoughts on other FPP to book or just let 10:00 EE expire? We have safari at 9:15 (must do for DD14 and we were told line builds about 30 minutes after RD and we should try to do AM safari for possibly more animal activity). Plan is to RD Na’vi since we scored FP for FOP but not until 1:45. Kali River Rapids is closed.


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It is hard to recommend anything without seeing what TP says you should be doing instead. Can you publish your TP to see?

In the end, it might not really matter. Use the EE FPP or don’t. You are talking about saving minutes, probably, at best. So TP apparently thinks there is a better use of your time during that time period.

I should add that our family sees EE as the best coaster on Disney property (RnRC is a close second). As such, we would generally do multiple rides on EE in a row. I think last trip, we did something like 8 rides on it in less than a hour. So, if the wait is really that low, you might go ahead with your FPP, but then plan to ride it again and again to fill up some time. In your 10 AM to 11 AM window, just use the FPP when the line is longer. If the line looks to be a walk-on, hold on to it. Once the line lengthens, THEN use the FPP before the window expires.

We might use your multiple ride strategy. Now that kids are older they are loving the coasters more and more. I’ve never been on EE. Last time we did AK was the infamous “Yak on the Yeti”. I was with DD5 planning to rider swap for second ride with DS. Clearly that didn’t happen. I’m looking forward (and backward) to it!

Current plan is below. I chose very relaxed pace so we can take in streetmosphere with drummers, etc. I chose minimize walking as this is Day 3. Day 1 is HS EMM to close. Day 2 is MK RD through DAH. And that is after having 2 days at Universal. So we will be moving a little slower by AK day! TP here suggests riding EE after dinner. Given DS’s experience with his first ride, I feel like we should at least move it to before a meal!

I see that TP wisely put riding EE immediately after dinner! :wink:

Perhaps swap steps 7 and 13?

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