Force Must-Do's w/out FPPs to Top of TP or Set Max Wait Time?

When personalizing touring plans, is there a way to freeze a high priority item (say your 3 yr old Princess meeting Elsa & Anna when you can’t get a FPP) at the top of the list before optimizing? I thought I saw a discussion about this in the works Fall 2014 but haven’t found if it is an option as of Summer 2015. Thanks for any input!

Alternatively, is there anyway to set a max time you’ll wait in a line? I appreciate that the touring plan puts me in the Elsa/Anna line when it finally falls below 60 mins, but really I think I’d rather just skip them then wait in line more than 35 mins… (arbitrary number, I know)

No, you cannot force things to the top of the list. The best thing you can do set a break right at the start for the amount of time you anticipate being in line for A&E. No way to set a max time either, although that is an interesting idea.

Another option is to book you daughter for some de-programming sessions so that she no longer believes A&E are the end-all and be-all. Maybe we could send the WDW Imagineers too, which may put a stop to the “Frozenification” of all things at WDW. :wink:

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Thank you! I will immediately look into deprogramming options as the best fix :wink:

I would SO love the ability to freeze items in the TP before optimizing. Say that I know, for instance, that the first thing my son wants to do at HS is Star Tours. I’d love to be able to set that as a fixed point and let it optimize around that.