For those who RD NRJ and have a 10:30 FOP FP+

What do you do in between? Originally I was thinking to head back over to the Dinoland to do Primeval Whirl but that seems SO far to go for just one ride. We want to do FOP at the start of our 10:30 window due to timing of other plans after that.

Is there enough to do in Pandora to “kill time” there and/or on Discovery Island in between NRJ first thing and the start of the FOP window? Something else I’m overlooking? (We have a FPP for Safari after the FOP one and a KRR FPP for after that. Only one kid will want to do EE so planned to let her do that while our littler one does Boneyard probably.)

I would leave Pandora and go do KS and Gorilla Falls. The wait should still not be too bad if you went over right after FOP. If time allowed maybe a character meet and then return to Pandora.

Thanks. That hadn’t occurred to me since we have the FP+ for KS later but I suppose that doesn’t mean we HAVE to go then. :slight_smile:

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To try to play with the wait time doing KS 2nd after NRJ, i’m having trouble making the system capture that we’d be at NRJ for RD.

I know that for MK if you put in the Welcome Show that tips it off to your RD plan; anyone know if there something similar in TP for AK?

Yeah, try to modify your time to earlier if you don’t want to risk the wait. But really we rode BOTH FOP and NRJ on an 0800 EMH by rope dropping (arrived at 0650) and were were done by 0820. So you could be to Safari by 0830.

Is this an 0800 regular opening, an 0800 EMH, or an 0900 opening?

Just put in a break at RD and label it NRJ

I could have wandered in Pandora all day taking pictures and looking at things.

You might also see how long the FOP line is and consider that. The queue is worth it, and you miss 99% of that doing FP+.

And you’ll want to ride it more than once.


I am sure we will and that the FOP queue is amazing but I have a 6 and 10 year old so there is zero chance we are doing it stand by. If we had not gotten FPP for it I was going to just skip it (first trip so no one really knows what they would be missing first hand). :slight_smile:

Well for sure this is true.

If you wanted @smorris, you could RD FOP and the go ride NRJ standby, and still have time for a safari, especially if you are able to alter the time, before your FOP FPP time comes up

You know your kids, but I will just say I saw plenty of kids in that queue having a blast looking all around.

Edit to add: there is FAR more to see in the FOP queue than the NRJ one.

Thanks. We are firmly committed though to avoiding the standby FOP line.

Thanks for the “rest” idea! That makes sense.

If you do it at RD you will not stand in any significant line. Follow the directions outlines in other threads, and plan to arrive 75-90 minutes ahead of RD. With 6 and 10 that should be okay. Bring along some breakfast and play a game of Heads Up to pass the time waiting for the tapstiles

I also know my DH and he too would be cranky with an hour + line. :wink:

Ok. Like I said, you know you.

It’s far more immersive than NRJ which is just a standard queue. IMHO did not even seem that long at all - and is often overestimated. (It said 140 when I got in it - I was out in a little over an hour.)

OK. Then arrive 15 minutes before RD, ride NRJ, head to Africa for a bit, then return for FOP at 1030-1130 :slight_smile:

Thanks again! The early safari idea had not dawned on me at all and I think will work out really well. :slight_smile:

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The only thing i would add to this is that the path from Africa to Pandora that goes past the Festival of the Lion King is closed some times.

We were there on a EMH and couldn’t go from the safari back to Pandora that way, had to come back to discovery island and go that way.

Hmm. Bummer. Any feel for how much time that added?

It’s negligible. The path is nice, but it doesn’t shave a lot of time. You’ll be fine.