For those who like the taste of Beverly and can't get to Epcot... (and are of age...)

The Seasonal Tastes Bud Spiked Seltzer Toasted Marshmallow is a pretty close facsimile. :nauseated_face: :face_vomiting: :nauseated_face: :face_vomiting:

I mean, none of them are great, but I had to pour the Toasted Marshmallow down the drain.

I like Beverly but I don’t pick up any notes of toasted marshmallow in it.
I also don’t Bud.

It sounds like a drain drink to me, too!


Oh trust me, this didn’t taste like any toasted marshmallow I have ever had.

I’m on a “find my favorite spiked seltzer” quest. NONE of their holiday flavors are on it. So far, Corona’s spiked seltzer is actually in the lead - even over White Claw.

I have never had a spiked seltzer.

I guess generally if I’m going to drink I go for a solid cocktail or glass of wine.

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Oh I agree when I am out. At home I usually prefer the quick things like spiked seltzer or cider though. Living alone it’s either drink too much wine or risk it going bad before I finish it.


Yeah wine at home is not super common; whites more than reds because of risk to waste reds vs store whites for a few days. Cocktails at home became super common during pandemic though and we enjoy shaking one up