For the first time in forever—a trip report

Y’all. We made it. After years of dreaming, months of planning, several cancelled trips, a complete pivot, and several more months of planning, it’s finally coronation day—I mean, time to head to Florida!

The People-
Me, the only one in our party that’s been to WDW previously, but it was 2001, so very much a whole new world.

DH- when we went to DLR I tricked him by planning a trip to see a baseball game and then whoops, right down the road, look what I found! No tricks needed this time.

DD6- she was not quite 2 when we took her to DLR, but swears she remembers. She is so excited that she’s tall enough for rollercoasters, I just hope she doesn’t put too much pressure on herself to follow through if they’re bigger than she thinks when she sees them. She’s always been my cautious girl, but she also continually surprises me, so we’ll see.

DD3.1- though she’s never seen a minute of any Star Wars movie, she’s R2-D2’s biggest fan and has talked of nothing but going to see him at his house for weeks. When you ask what she’s going to tell him she goes through a very specific series of beeps and boops. Needless to say, I’m dying to get her to Galaxy’s Edge.

DD3.2- My Mickey lover—I may cry if she can hug him- but she saw a video of Slinky Dog Dash and all she wants to do is ride the puppy. My measuring tape says she’s tall enough, but just barely, so send some pixie dust our way that will make her stand up straight.

The Plan-
We’re taking 2 days to pull our camper from south east Texas to Fort Wilderness before spending 5 days in the Disney bubble and then driving another 2 days home. We’ll hit Magic Kingdom twice, each of the other parks once, and visit a handful of resorts. We will be using Genie+ and are unlikely to make any rope drops. Wish us luck!


Yay another trip report! I hope you all have an amazing time! Safe travels!


Awesome! Have a great time


Looking forward to following along! Have all the fun!


This is the cutest intro ever! I’m excited to follow along!


We have made it through one and a half towns and have our first “are we there yet?” :woozy_face:


Hope you have a wonderful trip!


Have the most magical time!
I love you referring to the girls as 3.1 and 3.2.


We brought a 2 year old to Fort Wilderness, towing from central Missouri in December.

Left an afternoon early due to an oncoming ice storm that seemed to chase us nearly thru Alabama.

Suddenly, in a corner of Georgia the 2 yo began issuing this high pitched scream. I was driving, so it took me a minute to realize it was actually an alarm.

The poor kid was still in long pants and long sleeves and the warm Georgia sun was streaming in the window. Got her in the trailer and changed into tank top, shorts and sandals. She wanted no part of that truck.

I said people that want to see Mickey need to go in the truck.

Mickey did the trick. :blush:


That is so dang adorable I can’t stand it! :sob:


Same, honestly.

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Oh nooo! We are coming from similar weather so shouldn’t have any wardrobe issues :laughing:


Lunch stop, somewhere in Louisiana.

DDs 6 and 3.1 taking the food seriously and DD 3.2 never missing an opportunity to climb something.


So cute!!


Looks like a comfy way to travel.

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These lunch stops are some of my favorite reasons for camping.

We used to park in grocery store parking lots. Plenty of maneuvering room and if we were low or out of something, there’s the store.


Yes, we stop at Walmarts a lot on these trips.

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Your DD’s are so cute. Heck, I’m going to cry if DD3 gets to hug Mickey. :relaxed:


Speaking of trip reports… I had a rumble strip Randy moment earlier and thought of you :rofl:


OMG thanks for the reminder! :rofl: That’s one of the best trip report moments ever. I need to use that next time I have a bad driver.