For short stay with kids, POFQ or CBR?

We’ve decided to extend our WDW trip a few days. We are staying at AKL for 6 nights, then renting a car and leaving Orlando to see family for a couple days, then coming back for 1 final full day before flying out. I’m looking to do 2 more nights at that point… Basically, get to resort in late afternoon, drop off rental car, swim, etc, then hit MK in the morning one final time and relax for the evening before our AM flight the next day.

Our original reservations (when I first started planning) were for POFQ, but summer deals let me be able to swing AKL. For these extra 2 nights, knowing I only need 1 bus trip to MK (so am not as concerned about transportation), and am mostly concerned with decent sleep and a fun pool for the kids (ages 5 and 8), would you go with POFQ or CBR?


I just got back Sunday from a week’s stay @ POFQ. Based on your parameters, I’d advise CBR. Kicka$$ pool, and that resort’s limitations won’t matter for such a short stay.

Either one should be fine for your needs.
Your children may prefer the pool at CBR-- pirate fort. (but we enjoyed POFQ and PORS pools as well)

I did not like the busses at CBR, but as you said, it’s only 1 day to MK-- reason-- once we were picked up in Aruba or Jamaica, then it took almost 15 minutes (I kid you not!!) to make the rounds to the other stops and FINALLY began ride to MK.
{but many have said that this issue has been ironed out some}

Hows about this. Not knowing anything else - have you considered staying at a hotel outside of Disney (please don’t banish me). However as you have already traveled to “the outside world” and a moderate may be a bit of a letdown after AKL - and as you have a car. Have you thought about staying outside? Not knowing when you are going - but you can basically stay at a 4 star hotel close to WDW for the same price as a moderate defending on the time of year. Just a suggestion.

Lol @ banishing you. My original plan was to stay off property by the airport, but I’m renting the car from disney and want to drop it back and save that money, then take advantage of magical express back to the airport. And really, I want an extra magical experience to close off the week. Not a bad idea, though, especially if there’s a downtown disney park with an awesome water park.