For my sanity can someone else confirm this!

My plans have me attending the Star Wars dessert party on April 1. I check everyday and it’s still not available. Only 4 weeks and 3 days out now. It’s in the calendar for that day (and the rest of April) but tickets don’t appear to be on sale yet. Can someone else please confirm this - I’m starting to think Disney is playing a cruel trick on me!

I’ve been checking daily, if not several times a day for April. Tickets are not on sale on my screen as on just now

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Thank you. I am not alone!!!

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March showed up at exactly 30 days out, if that helps :slight_smile:

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I’ve been stalking for months for May. It does appear they are rolling them out month by month and pretty late.

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When I did the Frozen Ever After Dessert Party it did not come out with dates until a month before our arrival date. When I called Disney they said that often might not appear until 28-30 days before the start of the next window. Of course the next day, after my call, the offerings appeared! Your sanity is still intact!

Thank you! Disney just has us so well trained to plan in advance and now they don’t want to take our money in advance! I shall be patient. Suspect next day or two.

++ @kellyh … and this lack of advance notice is a primary driver for hoarding ADRs and other events reservations as a contingency


Another week on and still not available for April :grimacing:

It is ridiculous. They arrange things so we’re expected to plan plan plan and then withhold pieces of the puzzle.
It’s true about holding ADRs too. I have a SciFi ADR at a great time I’m ready to release as soon as I can book the darn dessert party instead!

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@kellyh April SW Dessert Party is open :slight_smile:

It’s still not “blue” for me yet. I’ll keep looking. Thank you!

@kellyh Try this link:
It’s blue through the summer with the option to add it to my plans through April only.

BUT, when I check it with the following link, it’s not blue…

I just spoke with a CM, the Dessert party for April is not open… He seemed surprised as well :woman_shrugging:t4:

Isn’t the first link just the fireworks? Not the dessert party?

yep, I agree. I checked both as well.

Ahhh! Ok! I see! Yes. sigh
So frustrating waiting for this to open!

Thanks everyone, No choice but to patiently wait. I’m sure it will open on Thursday when I start my 20+ hours of flight time from Melbourne, Australia over to Orlando…:rofl::rofl::rofl:

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OK. Can officially book for April. It’s earlier than expected…7 pm. (Because I feel like I was expecting 7:30)

I guess Disney is remaining hopeful about reopening by then, but maybe reducing hours, since they moved it earlier? (Or did they?)

Thanks, we arrived from Australia on March 12 around 2 hours before Disney World and Universal announced closures. Was scheduled to check in at Disney on 25th March. Now cannot hang around that long in the hope it does open April 1. Cutting our 4.5 week holiday down to just under 2 weeks. You can plan for everything except a global
Pandemic :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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