FOP with glasses

My DD13 is worried that her experience on FOP will be lessened because the 3D glasses won’t work well with her regular glasses. She could see without her glasses, but it would definitely be blurry and not as enjoyable.
Can anyone with experience reassure us that it works just fine for folks with glasses?

DH and I both rode with our glasses, and it was fine. We loved it. Enjoy!

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It’s fine. The 3D glasses fit over regular glasses quite fine. I wear glasses 100% of the time.

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Yup, same here: I’ve worn glasses with the 3D glasses on FOP with no problems at all.

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I’ve got a little different experience, so I’ll share it and maybe it will help someone else.

Ever since I was about 8 years old, I had astigmatism in one eye, along with being near-sighted. When I was about 27 I had Lasik done to correct my vision, and everything was great. Fast forward 10 years and my vision started to go south again, and I had to get glasses/contacts (and the astigmatism was back). What I’ve noticed (and I think may be a product of the astigmatism and the Lasik), is that I cannot view 3D movies properly when I’m wearing my glasses, I just get double vision or my dominant eye takes over and I just get kind of blurry single vision. With contacts, the 3D works much better.

So, in conclusion, if you can see normal 3D movies properly with your glasses, it should be fine. If you are unlucky like me and have a combination of astigmatism and prior Lasik, if 3D doesn’t work right with your glasses, try wearing contacts instead.


My 9 year old rode with his glasses and could see fine.

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I wear glasses, as does most of my family. We wear the glasses over our own.

I get dizzy, my DH does not.

We both have astigmatism.

But I get dizzy from 3D movies. We haven’t been to Universal in Orlando because USH’s rides make me sick sick SICK.

Just my experience! No problem wearing the glasses over my own though. :grin:

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When FoP first opened, there were some issues from some riders with narrow faces that required them to have one hand on the glasses during the ride so that they wouldn’t slip off. I thought I might have the same problem so I bought stretchy croakies and I was very glad I did. The 3D glasses were very loose over my regular glasses and the croakies held them in place. It made my experience much more enjoyable than I would otherwise have had. This might also help your daughter.

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You guys are awesome! Thank you all.

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