FOP with Extra Magic Morning

Hi all!

A little background: My SO and I are going to WDW for the first time ever, for the both of us. I’ve been doing everything to make this trip as amazing and enjoyable for the both of us, which has led to me doing extensive research and constantly updating our plans!

A family friend of ours is a CM and getting us into the parks while we are there (which is majorly the reason why we are able to go). As part of the deal with his passes we cannot book fastpasses until 7 days in advance of our trip. Knowing that FPs book up rather quickly for FOP we are going to have to weather the storm of the standby queue.

The predicament I’m having is that the day we can use the passes to go to AK it is an Extra Magic Morning. My TP (optimized) is telling me to wait to ride it until about 12:30 in the afternoon with a wait of ~100 mins. However, my non-optimized plan (with FOP first thing at rope drop) says the wait will be at about 80 mins.

I know my trip isn’t for a while, I just know that many of you on this site have tons of knowledge and may be able to lend some insight on what I should do!

I’m just so excited for this trip and want it to be as magical as the trips I read about on the forum!

I’d love some feedback!

I found this Youtube video very helpful with regards to rope dropping FOP:

I also intend on hopping into line about 10 minutes till park closing, so even if I have to wait an hour, it is not using up an hour of park time.

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Awesome! Thank you for bringing that to my attention! :grin:

And there are sometimes same day FP drops for FOP. In the past they have been at 11:01, 1:01, 3:01 and 5:01. We have been successful at getting a SD FP for FOP.


That would be awesome! Fingers definitely crossed for that one.

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It is awesome when it happens! We prefer to get in line just before park closing rather than doing RD. RD for FOP was insane the last time we did it.

I definitely think that’s gotta be the plan moving forward. Possibly try to sneak a second ride in there if we have the downtime!

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That’s a good plan–it’s a ride that I think most people want to do more than once.

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Learn how to score same day FP!
If it’s just the two of you, I’d be about 70% confident you could grab a same day fp if you work it!

Oh I absolutely hope to score some! Another kind of caveat with CM passes is I cannot link them to my MDE app because they are multi use passes. So how will I be able to know when to visit a kiosk for a FOP FP?

Are you sure? My brother in law is a Disney employee and got us some complimentary tickets with the 7 day limit. I was able to link them to MDE just fine, and was also able to book FPs 60 days out because I was staying on site… Unless these are the CM passes where he has to let you in the park, which I think is different.

Yeah they are the “Main Entrance Pass” tickets I believe. At least that’s the impression I’m under.