FOP wait time with FP+

In my personalized touring plan for Aug 10, I noticed that Flights of Passage at noon, with a FP, my wait time is listed as 47 minutes. Does this sound right? Is the wait time really that long even with FP? Is it a TP glitch or should I just really pick a different time a day to try to get a FP?

(I realize that I’ll likely be re-doing this plan after I see what time I actually get a FP)

Thanks for your help.

Sounds like a glitch. There are a few times where the FP line can get long but not 47 minutes long.

47 does seem long, but there have been reports of 40 minutes so it’s possibly not too far out.

While I have heard of there being times when there is a bit of a wait even with FPP, I tend to think that’s the exception rather than the rule. In all the times I’ve ridden with FPP (5 since 9/1) I’ve never waited more than a couple of minutes, and that’s right before you enter the preshow. I think its a glitch.

We have experienced a wide range of wait times for FOP with a FPP. Last month it was maybe 10 minutes, but in March it was 55 minutes.

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Was there any word of some difficulty with the attraction at that time? Inability to fully load all pods? Something of that nature?

I wish I knew why it took so long that time. The FPP line was very long–we moved but so slowly. At one point my DD looked at me and asked if we had gotten into the wrong line. I never heard anything about the ride being down; no mention of issues from the CMs. I hope it was a fluke.

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From our experience (and from what I’ve read from others), the average total experience time for FOP with FP+ is about 40 minutes. That includes walking the line, waiting and watching the Pre-Show, riding FOP and get out back in front of the attraction.

So I do think a wait time of 47 minutes is probably too high, as it should be more around 25-30 minutes.


I had a very long wait for a FPP in July. It was about 45 mins, but they were only running side. Rode it in November on a CL 10 day and it was a 5+ hour wait for stand-by. We got through the FPP line in about 20 mins.