FOP wait time WITH Fastpass

What have your actual wait times been for FOP WITH a fastpass? My TP is showing a 30 minute wait, and if I delay when we arrive it only increases. I realize this is still a significant improvement over the non-FP wait, but I’ve never waited that long for a fastpass queue.

Our FP is 9:15-10:15 so I imagine we are also battling all the rope drop people.

We are child-swapping this one, so maybe it is two 15 minute waits? That I could understand…

That sounds pretty accurate, based on my experience. I had a 9:00 FP on a day with EMH. It may be a little shorter if you’re lucky, but the “pre-show” portion was excessively long compared to other rides. So, you may not be standing in a line that long, but it does take a significant amount of time to get to the actual ride.

At the end of September, I waited just shy of an hour WITH a FP for FOP. Missed ROL as a result-would have been about 10 minutes late- and we had paid for the ROL dining package. The ride had been operating on a limited basis throughout the day though. The other two waits that week were about 20 to 30 minutes.

We went on it three times in late October and early November, and typically waited about 15 minutes.

I was in the preshow in about 10 minutes.

Back in August, the whole thing seemed pretty quick to me. I don’t remember waiting half an hour. And the pre-show isn’t that long.


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This is an interesting mix of experiences!

I turned the child swap off and the wait time didn’t change at all, so we are giving ourselves some pad before our brunch reservation. If we have to have the second rider go late in the day we can make that work. I really hope it’s 15 minutes or so, but we’re planning on more.

I️ am at Disney now. Was at AK on Monday -MLK day so fairly large crowds. We did rider swap with FP and both groups going through took 20 minutes each time —from time we tapped in til we were out. Our fp Time was 3:40


My impression is that if FOP is up and running well, it’s not a bad FP wait. If they are having issues running FOP at peak capacity then the FP line backs up and it could take awhile. No different than any other ride really, but with the constant demand for FOP, one hiccup will ripple throughout the day line-wise.

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I’ve ridden FOP 3 times using FPP, and each time had about a 15 minute wait to get into the pre-show.

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