FoP wait time 23 minutes?

I made a TP for AK for the last week in February with FoP first thing without a fastpass. The wait time given was 23 minutes. I tried arriving 30 minutes after RD, and the wait time only increased to 29 minutes. Just to experiment, I made a TP for this coming Saturday and got the same wait times. Can this be accurate? I thought wait times for FoP were very high right out of the gate?

If you arrive at opening (which will put you 15-30 minutes behind the crowd) will have you wait 1-2 hours. Those times are still off.

I guess they are being front of queue wait times

The problem is that queues to get through security and into the park and then into pandoras world and then into the queue for FOP are all huge

And people arrive very early to be at the front of those queues

I personally think rope drop time at AK right now is is great time to go and do all the other rides in the park you want to do as everyone is heading to pandoras world

And just handle the fact you will have to queue 100 to 120 mins for FOP regardless of what you plan and when you ride

But you need to fastpass navi river if you try that as a plan

The queue is worth the wait whatever you decide to do

Yeah, it seems like the data still isn’t there an reliable enough to give accurate wait times. A blog last week was reported 20 minutes after arriving at 7:30 for a 9:00 RD.

Thanks all for your replies! It will be interesting to see how the wait times evolve as the months pass.

But arriving at 7.30am for a 20 min queue at 9am rope drop is itself effectively a 110 min queue

Which is what you would wait if you just joined the queue anytime during the day

Of all te parks we visited AK currently has by far the biggest queues just to get in the park itself at rope drop

I really question arriving ultra early for rope drop to avoid a FOP queue if you make it to the front but then to be held in other automatically long queues timewise just to be let in th park

Someone pointed out that at least you aren’t wasting park time in the queue which is clearly correct

But at same time you are still queuing

The real answer is to get lucky with a fastpass I think

Because you can’t get 2 fastpasses for pandora the best way to not queue at all would be

  1. Stay in a disney Hotel
  2. best chance of fastpass due to the chance to book early
  3. get your fastpass late in the day and enter park later in the day
  4. stay for EMH in the evening 10pm to 12pm
  5. do all the other rides you have planned just before an after rivers of light time (queues aren’t bad then)
  6. walk on navi river journey after 11pm when queues are next to nothing

Because navi journey is a bad queue earlier in the day as well

Yeah, the key is that at least you aren’t wasting park time if you arrive early for rope drop.

Having done it in June, if I didn’t make it to NRJ, I would not be too disappointed as long as I could see Pandora at night. The boat ride is simply a dark ride of night scenes (bioluminescent) with the shaman. So unless you are super into animatronics, it really is not worth a wait.

I did get a fast pass but I am still planning the early morning 90 minute line (are there bathrooms in the area?). The morning plan will allow me to do both Pandora attractions in the first 30 minutes of park opening.

I am going to AK next Friday. We do not have a FoP FP for this day but do for another day. However, this is the only day that one of my sons will be at AKand we only have the morning because he flies home late afternoon. I am trying to decide whether to try for FoP or to just skip it and take advantage of lower wait times at the other attractions from 9-10. When I just made a TP including FoP and my FP for EE (9), Dino (10), and Navi (11:15), the TP tells me to do KRR first, then EE with FP, then FoP, arriving there at 9:45 for a 30 minute wait. I’ve been watching the wait times for the past month and have read several blogs about this and there’s no way it will be 30 min wait at that time! What’s the best way to get the program to optimize a plan for me?

Can anyone who’s been recently say how the lines are for the non pandora ride in the morning? We have a Boma ADR for 7:30 and hoping to get to AK at opening but I know crowds are crazy and timing may be an issue. So as not to feel rushed, will non pandora rides still have lower waits if we arrive at say 9:30 vs 9? (We have FOP FP for later in day so I’m not trying to get in there when everyone rushes that way).

Can’t tell you as was stuck in a pandora queue at 9.30am?

8pm ish on the same day when we returned and were outside of pandora world we saw a 60 min queue at dinosaur but that had been having tech problems all day and still had the tech problems so probably wasn’t a fair reflection

And we saw a 40 min queue at Everest but had a fastpass to avoid the queue

kili safari was about 40 min queue as well

Meanwhile FOP was 140 mins at same times in comparison

Re the bathrooms. If you do ropedrop then you will have plenty of time to use the restrooms outside the park whilst queueing to get into the park. By leaving other family members in the queue.

There were three big queues to get in the park when we arrived. We joined one that looked the shortest. After about 5 mins it barely moved whilst the other two were moving.

We made the mistake of switching queues and as you can guess the one we joined (further back than in our own queue) stopped moving and the one we had left started moving quicker!



Wonder if you will be able to go in via a different queue or entrance for that. If so that would save an age in queueing with the rest waiting for ropedrop. Or does everyone have to go through the same security checks before they can say they have a Boma reservation?

If not you are stuck in ropedrop security queues that you could do without

Assuming boma is in the park and not in the hotel?

Boma is at Animal Kingdom Lodge so not an issue.

Tusker House is open for early breakfast though & I presume they must have a separate line running for those people. Pre-Pandora it was a pretty easy thing and relatively obvious…

That always happens to me!

Where did the line stop inside? Once I hit 55 I have to make sure I planned where the bathrooms are. I know there is one past the entrance on the left…also- right as you turn down towards Pandora?

When we went it was EMH day for hotel guests so once you got inside they had a new queue for hotel guests to show keys which filtered off to the left

So not sure how it works on a normal day in there.

But what I would say was the inside queue was badly managed and just a wide scrum really. Once inside would be hard to leave family in that queue for toilets and work your way back to them

All being well when you get to pandoras world you will be straight in the ride queue at which stage obviously no toilets.

I think my wife managed to go to restrooms twice whilst we were in the queue outside the park - once when we arrived and again 20 mins later.

Morning coffee!

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Thanks! That helps!

ALWAYS happens to me! I had to stop watching other lines. It stressed me out too much!

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Planning to do rope drop for FoP and then make it to my 9:45 am Tusker Breakfast. Wonder what the chances are of me getting there on time. And I wonder how long they will hold my ressie if I’m late?