FOP Singles Line?

Has it/will it ever open? I’m confused why they put in the infrastructure for it if it isn’t going to open.

They may open it but right now, they can get everyone to stand in line and fill it without using it. My guess is it’ll open in a few weeks/months if they haven’t gotten it running as of yet. With the problems they were having with high crowds and turnover, potentially opening yet another stream of guests may not be high on the priority list.

It seemed strange to me that they included this in the first place. They send groups of people 16 at a time into the preshow area, so there wouldn’t be near as many opportunities to fill single spots as you’d see on roller coasters or TT. I guess if they find there’s excess capacity that they can fill with single riders, then maybe they’ll open the lines, but right now they seem to be struggling to even keep all the ride vehicles working, so I don’t think they even have a fell for how often they’d need someone as a SR to fill an empty seat.