FOP same day drop success on CL10 day?

So my husband is in Orlando today for a conference. He thinks he will now be mostly free tomorrow to be able to go to AK. He absolutely loves FOP, and we are wondering if it would be worth it to go and shoot for the same day drops to snag fast passes for it. It would only be for him, so wondering how successful you think he could be with just a party of 1 even though it is projected to be a CL10 day? He also plans to do single rider for EE a few times. Also, if he’s able to get a FP at the 11:01 time and use it, would he be able to try for another at 1:01 or would he have to use two tier 2 fast passes first? Thanks!

We were able to get FPs for a party of 6 on a CL10 day in February. Start refreshing a minute or two before the drop.


So, i’m newer here… where do people find out these “drop times” for Fastpasses? I tried doing a search but couldn’t find anything. It seems like great info to know! (Sorry to sidetrack on your topic!)

I had success for a party of 6 in Jan on a CL 10. If it is totally going to affect your plan for the day, the pass times (in my experience) started about 1-2 hours after the drop time. Not sure if that’s typical, but you will likely have a buffer between finding out if you got the pass and needing to get there to use it - in case getting one is a deciding factor in which park you go to.

I believe he will need to use two tier 2 passes before he can get another one.

@lindsayvrsmith drops are 11:01, 1:01, 3:01 and 5:01 for AK.

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Thank you!

Ok thanks!

We got 2 on a CL10 day in January.

He’d have to use 2 tier 2s before getting another tier 1.

Thanks everyone. I was able to book him two tier 2 fast passes before 11:00. Then I got on right before 11:00 and got him a FOP at exactly 11:01! He was so excited! We didn’t have luck at 1:01 however even with continuous constant checking for 15 minutes. But with that FP, 3 single rider times on EE, and a few other tier 2 FPs he had a good day :blush:.