FOP Queue at Rope Drop or with FP?

Going to WDW last week fo September and to AK on Tuesday. Current plan is to FP River Journey later in day with small kids (too short to ride FOP) and grandparents and Rope Drop FOP with my wife. I heard the FOP queue is worth seeing so I am wondering if anyone has rope dropped it and asked the Cast Member to be the first one in the real queue so that they could see it and also not wait for a very long time since Fast Pass Line bypasses it. Any advice is appreciated!

I haven’t been yet since Pandora opened, but I’ve been thinking the same thing. I’ve seen videos of the queue and it’s pretty amazing - and things always look better in person. For my first time on the ride I’d like to have the full “storytelling” experience and immersion that the queue provides, but not necessarily spend 2 or 3 hours doing it.

That’s an interesting approach. Give it a try!

For my part I expect to go standby next month. I will be totally solo and beholden to nobody. I plan to take the opportunity to see the full standby line late in the evening.

I’ve thought about that approach too; get in line for FOP shortly before the park closes and if I’m in it for a couple of hours, I’m not “missing out” on anything else. What I don’t know, is if the park closes at 10:00, and at 8:00 there is already a 2 hour line, will they close the line early? Does anyone know if they do this? I know they did do this when Anna and Elsa first started their M&G in the MK and lines were 3-4 hours (or longer) all day.

I’ve not heard of them doing that but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t happened. I’ll keep this in mind, and get in line around eight-ish

In Feb I got in line just before closing. The line said something like 75 minutes but they were letting people in. They even gave a rider swap to the group in front of me.


Has anyone ever asked a cast member to be in regular queue at rope drop?

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Technically, you are referring to entering in the Standby Entrance, vs. FastPass. I expect if CMs are funneling first guests of the day into the FastPass queue, putting you into the Standby queue might give you a more scenic route through … (and you might even get to the front before FastPassers).

Worth a shot. Haven’t done it.

Normally if you ask politely, they can accommodate many types of queue requests.

We’ve jumped in line twice for FOP at the end of the day. Last summer we did it about 30 minutes before parking closing. Posted wait time–170 minutes. Actual wait time–90 minutes. Did it again last month and this time got in line 10 minutes before park closing. Posted wait time–120 minutes. Actual wait time–60 minutes. So worth it.

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