FOP predicted waits - today

I’m doing one of my “virtual” TPs today. I’m tracking TP’s predictions at AK this morning. Does anyone have any clue as to why TP thinks FOP will have less than a 5 minute wait after 2pm?

It’s a predicted 20 minute wait at 11:30am and keeps dropping. I checked the rest of the week and the waits are “normal”

This is just me being curious…so no big deal if no one knows.

@DumboRunner is about to test it out.


We are testing the 7 minute predicted wait right now. Not so accurate.



It has gone up now… Predicting 33 minutes at 11:30am instead of 20

And some of the waits after 1pm are a bit higher now…still lower than normal though


This raises an interesting point about TP versus Disney in predicting wait times. The truth is, I will always prefer a wait time estimate that is too high over one that is too low. I cannot plan correctly if the TP app is giving me low ball numbers. But I can if the numbers are too high, because it just means I have extra time to work with.

I do think this is a weird one-off glitch. The rest of the calendar is “normal”. My “paper” TP correctly predicted the wait. It was only when I went into the Lines App to look at FOP data that I noticed this.

Also, I’ve expressed my concerned about the future of TP based on how they handled MaxPass previously. They’ve got to do better. TPs at DLR were fine if you didn’t use Maxpass.

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