FOP popularity waning after TSL opening?

Wondering whether FOP will have shorter lines or better FPP availability after TSL opens. TSL doesn’t seem to be as big of a draw with respect to online chatter and media but new attractions are new attractions and people will definitely want to check them out. I expect long lines at HS across the park after TSL opens, but I was more wondering about how it will affect FOP. Will TSL be a big draw that trickles down to bigger crowds at FOP or draw away from FOP? Anyone getting FPP for after TSL opening noticing it’s easier to get FPP FOP at 60+? It’s been a year of FOP FPP, any drops in popularity coming? Would onsite be able to get FPP on day 60 for late fall or next spring? When will offsite be able to get FOP FPP? Anyone want to speculate?

I think they appeal to different crowds. The rides in TSL are geared for littles, while obviously FOP has a height limit. Plus FOP has amazing technology, while the TSL rides look pretty lame. Just my opinion, but I don’t think it will make a huge difference.


FOP wS should much easier to get when it first opened. It got harder and harder with the hype. I can see TSL having that hype before during it after.

I still think FOP will be the hardest FP to book, but I think it might make rope drop at AK a little less crowded as now TSL will have a big draw. Anyway, tha’ts what I’m hoping for August.


Aside from the reasons already given, since they are in different parks, I don’t expect TSL to make a bit of difference for FOP. Everyone will still want to hit AK at least once, and FOP will be at the top of the list of attractions there.

Once SWGE is done, however, I could see a change. Although different parks still, I think SWGE PLUS TSL may cause HS to become a full day to two-day park, unlike the 1/2 to full day it is today. As a result, it may take some of the crowds away from AK (making those who go in 2 days MAYBE drop it to 1 day). Also, around the same time (or soon afterward) we’ll see new rides opening at Epcot and MK.

But that’s a few years away.