FOP or Toy Story morning

My DD24 and I have 1 day before starting a Universal trip we were not going to go to the parks but you know how it is and we are thinking of doing a 1 day PH because we want to ride FOP, go to see Toy Story land and go to the Festival of the Arts. All the parks open at 9 on our day and I was thinking of starting at AK to ride FOP quickly and then head to Toy Story and have hopefully at least 1 FPP for 1 of the rides and do standby for the other 2 and then head over to FOA. Does this sound feasible? How long do you think it will take to ride all the Toy Story rides if we can’t get any FPP, it at the end of January so it should not be super busy. Or should we do Toy Story first thing in the morning, then go to FOP and then continue onto Festival of the Arts? Thanks for any help.

I would do flight of passage first. Watch the 2 YouTube videos by Brian-unofficial guide about doing the two at rope drop. It sounds like slinky dog has been running an hour to hour and a half based on the video. Fop was about 3 or more hours when we were at the park last year after we got off the ride at rope drop.

Thanks @snchaffee that’s what I thought but I want to make the most of our 1 day. So we will start at Ak then go to HS.

Just a thought…I did this with my niece in May (ok, well not exactly this, but we had one day and wanted to cram as much into it as we could!). Check to see if EMM is running at HS that day. We did EMM at MK and I was able to get 7DMT, PP and WtP out of the way, we hightailed it to a couple of other headliners and saved our FPP for FOP. You could do Toy Story and the other headliners at HS before 10am. We ended our day at EP (and were exhausted!). While the EMM is another added cost, it helped us cram a ton in during the only day we had.

Good luck with whatever you choose!

Definitely FOP first. I would imagine 10:30 is the absolute earliest you could get into HS. 11 is more likely. FP for TSM or Aliens shouldn’t be hard to get. I would estimate 3 hours for TSL though to give you enough time for SD.

It seems like nobody will be getting a FOP FP at 30 days anytime soon, so I think that’s your best plan.