FOP no line but what about rider switch

We are trying the strategy of getting to AK super early to try to ride FOP without a FPP and not waiting in line forever.

Let’s say hypothetically we pull it off and we really are there super early. We still need to do a child swap. By the time the second parent gets to go, will the line already be crazy even if we are child swapping?

The rider swap will allow the second parent to go through the FPP line so it shouldn’t be a crazy long wait.

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We were there last december, bafore 8am. It was 9:40am by the time we finished (Rider swap). I was kind of disappointed but not surprised.

OK that’s really good to know @Fablemos

Helps with the planning.

I was wondering the same thing. Don’t they fill up the FPP line with the rope drop crowd? If that’s the case, I was wondering if our 2nd half doing rider switch should come back later in the day, or if it wouldn’t make a difference. We’re going to RD on an early morning day too.