FOP LINE closing Question end of aug

I need all your great liner advice. Going at end of August. ON ARRIVAL DAY GOING TO Ak. Fast passes for FOP have been a nightmare (I’m getting a sore thumb modifying constantly, with nothing showing up ever) AK closeS at 930. I have read they have been closing the line up to an hour before closing but this has been with emh till 1am. In your guys wealth of experience and knowledge. How likely is it theY will close FOP line at 830pm. ROL IS 845 THAT night. Was thinking of going after Rol and waiting to avoid rope dropping at 7am for Emh on the other day I’m going.

I have the same issue and I have a few alerts set to notify me if hours get extended . 9:30 seems very early considering how few FPs are available for many attractions during my visit.

I know, Its been frustrating and I just read that Ee will be closing to light the yeti. No info given when. I am crossing my fingers it won’t be at the end of Aug. I have the alerts set too. Good luck hope we both score fastpasses.

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OH! I think I saw a headline about EE. I hope they hold off since it is my favorite ride and I was hoping to do it a few times!

I will be SO BUMMED if they close EE for refurb during my trip next month! Outside of FoP (which I still haven’t been able to get a FP for) it’s really the only ride that DD is excited about riding on our AK day!

Are you staying on-property? They extended their nightly EMH for AK through August so you get an additional 2 hours in the park after they close. That’s when I plan on riding FOP.

I believe the 2 EMH ends on 8/19

We are arriving the 25th so far eng end the 19th

Yuk, I haven’t heard anything about EE.

Noooo! I hope they don’t have EE closed the first week of september when I go!

How do you set alerts (and where?) to get notified of hours changes? Also, is there any way to set an alert to get notified when Frozen Dessert Party and Star Wars dessert party dates are released for Dec?

I joined the for park hour alerts. Not sure about the parties

Wdw prep also has hour change alerts.

Thanks just signed up at wdw prep

Between MK Closing at 10 PM on Saturdays, the FOP FP Nightmares and now this EE news I have never had so much anxiety and stress about an upcoming trip.

Hear ya !

So will I!!! We have never done this ride before and we are so looking forward to it and FOP (which we also don’t have a FP for, like most other people it seems).

We entered the line for FOP at 9.30pm 2 weeks ago. The park had EMH that meant Pandoras world was staying open 10pm to 12pm fo Hotel guests.

They certainly weren’t checking Hotel guests room keys at 9.30pm on the night we joined the line. So normal guests were allowed to join the queue for a ride that they wouldn’t be getting on for 140 mins according to the time above th entrance. I believe at 10pm they start asking to see room keys before letting you join the queue

I don’t know if that helps answer the question

I can also tell you that at 11.30pm (30 min before closing) they were still accepting guests into the queue an the queue was saying 120 minutes so I saw nothing whilst I was there to suggest anything gets closed one hour before its due to finish.

But maybe other can advise

Keep your eyes open on FoP! We managed to snag one, but I had to change around our plans a little bit. They seem to be opening them up within that 30 day window now!

Well done! Thanks for that advice, I hadn’t considered they might be holding them back. That gives me some hope now!

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