FOP FPs ... No Luck :(

We leave for WDW in two days (!!!) and so far I have had no luck with FOP FPs for our family of 6. I was up pre-dawn and logged in at 7am ET at the 30-day mark and found nothing available. I did get NRJ FPs for all 6 of us on both of our AK days, so I’ve been trying and trying to modify them… but that’s not working for me either. :disappointed:

We are planning to RD FOP one or both days but I know that my family will love this ride as much as I do and will want to ride more than once. What is the most up-to-date info regarding day-of FP drops? Is it still happening at 11:07, 1:07, etc? Also, if I have any hope at all of scoring day-of FPs, should I even bother searching for all 6 at once or go straight to trying for 3/3… or even 2/2/2?

Final possible strategy: we are seeing the 7:15 showing of RoL on our second day but the park is open until 8. What are the wait times like if we scurry over and hop in line as soon as RoL ends? Or will everybody else be doing the same thing…

The drops weren’t happening over Christmas, and I haven’t seen reports of them starting up again. I could easily have missed it though.

They have been (saw on chat last week) but very inconsistently.

RD and end of day are your best bets I think.


I would think RD (arriving well before, front of line, etc.) way better bet than ROL. A lot of people skip ROL.


Totally agree, but OP was asking about options. End of day is an option, though definitely not the best

DH and I wanted to see the FoP queue, so we got in line shortly before park close on day in early November, don’t recall what the ROL schedule was that night. Posted wait was 90 minutes, actual was around 70.