We have a large group heading to WDW from 12/19-12/29. We are doing AK on 12/23. I am hoping to book FPP for FoP in the afternoon but I am booking for 12 people. What’s the best way to do this? Should I break our group into 3 groups of 4 and book each group of 4 individually? I figure with the limited availability for FoP booking all 12 at one time would be a pipe dream.

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I’d try for the 12 first, then 2 groups of 6.


Remember, when you split up groups like this, they don’t need the exact same time, just overlapping.


I know FPP availability for FoP is usually 60+4 or 60+5 so I wasn’t sure if trying to book all 12 at once would be a waste of time.

We got it at 60+2 in the summer and crowd levels were 7 and up.

That makes me feel a little better.