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Today was 30 days before our trip to AK so I went to pre-schedule our fast passes. Flight of Passage was already not available for FPP. Is there a chance it could before available later or am I out of luck?

People have been known to find them at less than 30 days! Keep checking, especially if/when park hours are extended. But might want to mentally prepare to RD or ride at night for the shortest wait, just in case you don’t find one.

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I’ve seen lots of suggestions in the blogosphere to check the days leading up to your trip - even night before or morning of. Apparently pretty common for people to boom multiple FOP FPP before they have truly finalized which parks for which days. Then they drop when they decide they are going to another park.

I’m a 30 day person too. So I’m planning to RD getting there at 7:30 for 9 opening and then trying that FPP strategy to see if I get lucky.

I just watched the Facebook live of Angela from touring plans say that the day that you’re in the park, they release additional fast passes at 7 minutes past the hour, every hour, if I understood her correctly. You can watch it on touring plans’ YouTube channel. Does anyone else know about this?

There used to be a daily drop of FoP FPs, then it stopped, now it seems to be happening again. I am not confident of the current time. I just looked through 20 pages of chat to see if I could find it, but I can’t find the thread I saw this weekend. For some reason I think it is 3:01 or 3:11?

I have seen 1pm, 3pm and 5pm on chat.

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Right on the hour or 3:01?

The particular thread I saw just said ‘at 1,3 and 5’ but it could easily be a few minutes after.

I just asked for it to be bumped. I thought there were two threads this weekend and I can’t find either one. Although if we start depending on it Disney most likely will stop or change the time again.

True enough!

Ok, here it is:


Alright Disney - if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

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I have a family with a 2 year old who can’t ride so one of us parents will have to stay back. Do you think it is possible to get a Rider Switch at rope drop?



I just booked FP’s 60 days in advance of our trip - AK 63 days from now, and FOP was already limited to late evening. Of course, since this is between christmas and nye it’s not a big surprise.

I was unable to secure FOP FP at my 60-day time, I searched multiple times daily, and continued to search during our trip. Never saw a single FOP FP! We rope-dropped FOP during our trip! I would also suggest Ubering over to AK near park closing to jump in line ~20 minutes before park closing. We rode MK Splash Mountain that way, easy peasy.

We don’t have park hoppers but I’ll definitely be going to Rope Drop to get on FOP.