FOP FPP vs Rider Swap

I’m planning to make FOP FPP reservations for 4 adults, but we will have two toddlers with us who can’t ride. A few questions:

  1. How long can we expect the FOP FPP line to be? I know it’s hard to say until we are there, but does it get backed up? CL 7 day. Trying to determine how long to tell the second group to wait.

  2. If we do rider swap, the second group just gets in the FPP line when the first group is done, correct? Is there any benefit to rider swap in that case, or should they just use their FPP without bothering with swapping?

  3. What’s fun for a 2 & 3 year old to do nearby while they are waiting?

Even on a CL 10 day, I have not had much of a wait with FPP. The queue is quite long on its own so I would tell them to plan 30 minutes.

For RS, I haven’t done it, but I have read that FOP is one of the places where if not all people have FPP, they may give the return time based on the SB time. So, if that would affect your plan, you might want to go ahead and get FPPs for all.

My 3 yo niece loved the pandora drummers. She also met Pocahontas not to fat from Pandora. The bird show by the tree is also really cool and not too far away.

Thank you for the info! I forgot about the drummers, my kids would really love that.

Can you tell me what SB means here?

Standby line — the line for people without Fast Pass reservations.


Yes what @mousematt said. So essentially, if everyone had a FPP, the RS return time would be based on the length of the FPP line. However there have been reports of people ending up with RS times based on the standby line time if not everyone has FPP.

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Got it, thank you again!

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Can I ask a clarifying question about this? So let’s say you have 3 adults plus littles too small to ride. All 3 adults have FPP. So 2 go in and 1 stays with littles. Adult 3 doesn’t want to ride alone so you request RS for adult 1. Do adult 3 and adult 1 (I.e the second group) use the FPP return time? Or do they have to return in the SB window time? You had as many FPPs as possible, but adult 1 would ride twice. Just occurred to me that we could have real problems if group 2 needs to wait ~2 hours to return!

Sorry to barge in even with another question…

we are 2 adults 2 kids all with the same FP slot for FOP. If we all queue to the ride but my smallest one will most likely chicken out, what can we do so that the 3 of us can still ride? can he and my wife stay back while I ride with the other one, and once were done, my wife would ride in the next seating and we’d just take the smaller one with us to exit? Or is this a crazy idea?

So I believe the official rule is all riders, first group or second group, have to have the FPP. Otherwise technically the CM can give a return time based on the standby wait. Typically they don’t but the huge headliner rides have been reported to occasionally.

The official rules don’t actually mention using a FP for anybody, only the standby line. Disney really need to clarify the situation, because it’s not fair for it to come down to the whim of the CM you happen to get.

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