We still have lots of planning time as we are not going until August but I am wondering if we should book a room in Disney springs for a couple of nights to get the 60 day window so we can get FPP or just go for RD for FOP?

I remember reading somewhere that you miss part of the experience by having FPP? Like Test Track where you do not get to design your own car if you have a FP.

Toy Story land is also going to throw a wrench into our touring of HS but that I will leave for another day

I do not know if it makes any difference but I have FPs it and been at the park 90 minutes before opening without a FP. The time I was there without FP they cut off most of the queue and I did not see the rooms before the preshow.

Also if you book for a couple of nights you may still not get fastpasses for FoP. 60 days plus 3 or 4 is fairly typical to be able to get them, unless they extend park hours.

Not saying you won’t get lucky and manage to get them, but it’s not a given.

FP if you can. The lines are insaaaane. We got FP and I don’t think you miss much (if anything?) by doing FP instead of stand-by.