FOP: FPP, or enjoy the queue?


I need help. My boyfriend thinks we should use our Fastpasses for NRJ and Everest and KRR so that we do not miss the detailed themed queue for Flight of Passage. He wants to rope drop and just get in that HOUR AND A HALD long line so we can see it all and not skip through with the Fastpasses. Can anyone tell me if this is complete insanity or not? Do you really miss all the cool stuff if you Fastpass? Is he insane? What do I do?! I have to make my Fastpass reservations in 2 weeks!


If you guys are big Avatar fans, then you will want to see the queue. The FP line misses lots of the cool stuff. Also be aware that it is a ride that you will probably want to do more than once. IMHO it would ideal to obtain a FP and ride again standby–which could be at RD or right at the end of day before the park officially closes.


I did the early rope drop and we did not go through the stand by line.


So first in the park, and you ended up not seeing the queue anyway even without a fastpass?


I have reserved seating for a 9:15pm Rivers of Light show, and the park officially closes at 9:30pm. Can I get a Fastpass for 9:30pm and still ride it one last time before we leave the park or is that unrealistic?


Yes, they walked us through the FP line.


I don’t think that would work. ROL is about 15 minutes long so you wouldn’t make it over to FOP before 9:30.
If you do try to RD FOP and you are near the beginning of the line you will miss the queue as @PrincipalTinker said. Now we did RD and we weren’t right near the front and we went through the entire queue. We planned that so that we could see the queue and it worked.


@DreamLaughImagine, How long was your standby wait in the full queue, and how far behind the front of Rope Drop were you? Also, If we were to get to the entrance of the ride right after Rope Drop, does anyone think it’s possible that you could request to a cast member that you are the first in the full queue to enjoy the line and just be willing to wait a little longer than those that Rope-Drop through the fastpass line? I know Disney is accommodating but I don’t wanna look like an unrealistic idiot. lol


That’s an interesting question about asking to go through the queue. I don’t think it’s a dumb question, I’m just not sure what they would say.

So I looked back at my photos (to check times), the day we went the park opened at 8 am. We were in line for the park at 7:10. We were let into the park about 10 minutes later. We held at the bridge before the Pandora entrance. According to my phone that was at 7:27. I’m going to guess there were about 200 people in front of us (and it seemed like thousands behind us). At 7:50 they started letting us into Pandora and led us to FOP. The line built very quickly. We were actually on the path that goes back towards Africa (but not very far down the path). At 8:13 we were actually into the real queue (not FP). I took at photo at 8:30 which was right before we went into the pre-show area. We were off the ride by 8:57. I checked the wait time at that point and it was already up to 180 minutes. I know if we had arrived to the park earlier we wouldn’t have had such a wait, but we did get to see the queue which is well done and worth it (IMHO).


Dreamer, this is the best response to any question I have ever seen. Nice job!


Thanks? I had kind of forgotten about my post. It’s a little crazy looking back on it.