FOP FP for day 4 of trip

What is the likelihood of getting a FOP FP for 3 people on Dec 30th before 4pm on what would be the 4th day of our trip (day 64 for FP day)?

Are you staying on property? That doubles your chances, I’d say.

yes - staying on site and this would be day 4 of my trip. I’m planning on getting one on day 5 as well, but I’m not as worried about that day since I can basically take any time. It’s day 4 I’m worried about as I would need it to be prior to 4pm.

From my experience, earliest I could get was around 5pm for our mid-August trip. Had I pushed it out a couple more days I could have gone earlier.

So on day 4 of your trip you could only get a 5pm? Our trip is only 5 days long and I’m already planning on trying for day 5, but my family would love to get a FP for day 4 as well.

Maybe. I was disappointed to find no FOP FPs available for my day 4 (Day 60+3) when I booked on Friday. I had been watching the availability and thought I would be fine finding them for 5pm or later, but no luck!

Bummer - so sorry it didn’t work out for you. I think I’m just going to approach it as a no go on day 60+3 then take what I can for day 60+4. Appreciate the feedback!

Fortunately, we have a second AK day on day 7, so we’re covered for FOP, but I’d love to get an extra ride. I nearly threw out my plans to book AK on day 8 too, but I decided that I was too invested in the plan I’d spent months putting together to do that.

Fingers crossed for your FP day. Keep an eye on the availability data and it will help set your expectations and keep you from wasting time looking for something that isn’t there!

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Just booked our fastpasses this weekend. On day 60+4 couldn’t get anything for FOP before 5 pm. On day 60+5 there were a lot more options. We booked 4 pm because it worked best with our touring plan but could have gotten earlier in the afternoon.

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I couldn’t get any FOP on my 60+2 and 60+3 was 6pm/later 60+4 I could find early afternoon.

The rest of our trip was morning availability. We are still going to AK on 60+2 and will rope drop FOP. I have 3 FPs for it later in our trip.

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I got a 2:30 for 5 people for our 4th day in June. It was a predicted CL 8 that day and ended up being a 9.


This is promising news - thank you! We can pretty much make anything work on our 60+5 day (last day) so I’m keeping my fingers crossed for that one!

I’ll keep my fingers crossed for my 60+4, but if all else fails I’ll take it on 60+5 then RD another day. Thanks for the feedback!