FOP FP Availability During Busy Time

My go to FP strategy is always to get them as early as possible which makes me eligible for subsequent FPs before noon each day. This worked great for us last summer as we had an 8 day trip so it was fairly easy to score a FOP FP in the morning toward the end of the our trip. This year we are heading down for a shorter trip for the week after Christmas for the first time. I’m trying to be realistic given how busy that week is. Would it be unreasonable to assume I will be able to get a FOP FP for 3 people in the afternoon on day 4 or 5 of my trip?

I recently discovered the FP availability page on the TP website, but the 60 day mark now puts the travel dates as early August which obviously is nowhere near as busy as the week after Christmas.

Any thoughts are appreciated!

I am curious about this too. we only have 3 day trip so the latest I can try to get FOP fpp is for the 3rd day. I want it in the evening since we will be at waterpark during the day. It’s a saturday in october right before columbus day so it will be busy then too. just following along for answers.

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