FOP for kiddos

I read on another thread that FOP might be scary for kids. My son is 8 and we are Disneyland fanatics, and he rides almost every ride there. We have never been to WDW yet but plan on April. I was looking forward to this ride but now I am wondering if he will be ok…
FYI he loves soarin, star tours, space mountain and california screamin but hates matterhorn and Indy, if that helps

I didn’t see anything that would be scary. My son is 8 and LOVED it!

DS8 declared it his new favorite ride!

It is a 3d simulator sat on what can only be described as a motorcycle. Each rider is locked to the bike.

The bike moves with the 3d video providing the feeling of gravity and turns as the banshee being ridden flies up and down through Pandora.

Once on the ride; riders can look left and right to see other riders (parents?) In the ride.

I would say go for it, it is a great ride.

It won’t be scary

It’s just going to make him say “wow”

My 7 yr old had never been on a rollerciaster ever, and she loved it. She is not super adventurous, and honestly I was a nervous wreck she would be hysterical. She sat next to her Dad so I couldn’t see her during. I was stunned when it was over and she said it was the coolest ride ever. Frankly, I think I was more scared.

My 6 year old complained that he ‘couldn’t breathe’ during the ride because the back part that locks you in I think was a little too tight for his liking (So maybe be sure your kids leave a little space between them and the chest rest).
The ride was AMAZING, nothing scary, a couple “drops” that might get your stomach a tiny bit at most.

My 6 y.o. Daughter who was unsure of riding everything rode it and loved it!