FOP for a 5 year old?

They have a plethora of FPP on my AK day for FOP. I was wondering if I could get opinions on whether my 5 year old who loves rides (including rollercoasters) and is 48" tall would enjoy it? I don’t want to “waste” a FPP if it seems like she wouldn’t like it.

Just looking for opinions, I know my results my vary. :slight_smile:

I think your 5 year old will love it! It is not scary and it is amazing!

I think they would love it if they like rollercoasters. It’s hands down the most amazing ride I’ve ever been on. You get sensory overload like Soarin’, but it’s ten times better.

If she loves rides and rollercoasters, she’ll love FOP. Only problem you may have is with the 3d glasses falling off. My 7 year old struggled to keep them on during the ride as they are all one size and not designed for small heads.

If i’d known, i’d have taken a glasses sport strap to hold them in place for her.

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Do you feel like there is enough time during ride load time to attach a sport strap? I will buy one if that’s the case.

Yes, there’s a video you watch before loading that will give you time to attach it. That’s a great idea!