FOP Fastpass

I’ve been able to get fastpasses for FOP at 8:05am. We’re going at Easter so double busy. Will we be able to get to the FOP fastpass line ‘easily’ or is it likely to involve some pre-fastpass line queuing? And then, will the fastpass line take long?
Many thanks in advance.

From what I understand the FP line aims to equal 20% of regular wait time. So if standby is 150 minutes then FastPass Wait should be about 30 minutes. Maybe faster but that’s where I usually put my expectations.

Thanks very much.

Does anyone know if joining the fastpass line will involve some kind of queue/hassle just getting there, due to sheer volume of bodies en route?

Many thanks.

We had to do a little people-dodging to get there, but it wasn’t horrible. We had a little trouble finding the FP line because the standby line is SOOOO long early in the day and people don’t seem to like watching you walk past them.

We were expecting long waits but neither of us (child swapped) waited more than 10-15 minutes. There are a couple levels of pre-show, so getting through everything takes a bit of time but at least you aren’t just standing in line.

I suspect it will be very darn crowded just to get in and find the FP line. But if you’re going April on a not-too-crowded day, maybe not terrible. I went last summer and it was insane stampede (well, slow-moving good-natured stampede) just getting in Pandora in the morning.