FOP at Park Closing?

Does anyone have any experience going on FOP right before Animal Kingdom closes or after ROL? Are wait times generally lower this late in the day or does it make a difference? Thanks!

I have not personally done it, but I have read here and on chat that hopping in line 5-10 minutes before closing time is a good strategy.

Although I think I remember “good strategy” still meaning 60+ minutes.

I’ve done it many times. I have waited any where from 30-60 minutes. Worth it IMO.


It seems like a good idea to me. When I will be there, each park closes at 9 each night. This could give us some extra time in the park. I will just grab a snack and set up shop…


That’s exactly why we have done it. We aren’t wasting park time in line since the park is closed. And the wait times haven’t been too bad.


Especially since AK closes between 8-9 most of the year. It’s not like you’ll be out super late.