FOP at park closimg

Anyone have any luck jumping in the standby line for FOP after ROL? That is what my touring plan suggests for my AK day where we don’t have a FPP for it.

I will say we had zero luck doing this, just got home after 8 days. The wait time was a steady 120-180 min from 5 minutes past opening to 30 min after close.
Either rope drop (early early early), or keep searching for FP throughout the day. And not just for that day, any day of your trip.
Good luck!
(but just rope drop, early, front of line. Not worth more than a 40 min wait IMHO)

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We have a fast pass on our last day. I’d love to get another ride in but am not willing to wait in a long line either. We have actually been to Disney twice since it opened but didn’t have fast passes and didn’t want to wait in line. Excited to have the fast pass this time!

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FP = worth it
No FP and more than 30 min wait… = NO (its just Soarin on steroids)
Also note - I am jaded and not easily impressed :wink: So your experience may vary (slightly)


I did a standby wait in June. I got in line at about 2110 on a 2230 closing and waited 75 minutes.

Standby was interesting, but there was one spot where it was outrageously hot and I got a little panicky. I don’t think I would wait more than an hour in the future.

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Riding Flight of Passage with No Wait - YouTube. I’m so glad I watched this video. No fpps FOP for us this trip, since we’re going @beginning of week.

The very early b4 RD strategy will be our plan. Thankfully, the 4 kiddos in our party are very early risers, we’ll be on our way, woohoo!

We rope-dropped FoP twice over Christmas week and were on and off quite quickly. Three hours later, the wait time was 300 minutes! Insane.

I don’t know if we just got lucky or what, but we went on Wednesday, August 1 and got in line a few minutes before closing. We were in the preshow 30 minutes later. It is one of my best memories of the week waiting in that line with my two girls after a wonderful day at AK. It was advertised as a 70 minute wait when we got in line. We had ridden once earlier in the day with fpp.

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