FOP and RotR same day

Could not get a fastpass for FoP so planning on going at Rope drop on a EMH day but do have some fast pass for good rides at HS. Since both parks open at 8AM on the day I go is there anyway to do both rides same day?

I’d suggest going to HS first and doing everything there and then try for a same day drop for FoP. That’s possibly your best chance of doing both in a day. Same day drops happen for FoP at
11:01 1:01 3:01 5:01
According to:


Fop is also a good option right before park close. We plan to do that in addition it same day drops on our next trip. We stay off site so we’ll never score fop fp 30 days out.

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The way HS boarding groups are going you have to be at HS first and do what @Cgerres suggested and ride FOP at the end of the day.

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