FOP and NR wait times

We’re going to be at WDW in September. The TP wait times for FOP and NR don’t look accurate. Any idea when they will have enough data so we can trust the TP?

Why do you think they don’t look accurate? Too low? Too high? When in September are you going?
My plans have been set for quite a while - I am going the last week in August - about 2 weeks ago the times changed when I evaluated my plans - they went up by a little.

The wait times look to low. We are going the first week of September. At 4:30 in the afternoon the TP shows a wait time of 12 minutes for NR and 27 minutes for FOP. I’ve been watching the lines app and wait times are WAY longer. Will the lines really be that much shorter in September than they are right now?

I’m going to AK on Sep 10th and I noticed the same thing! They seem super low! I’ve never been to a park with a CL 2 but I would think the wait times should be higher!

That is one of the slowest times of the year & right now is one of the busiest times of the year so you really can’t compare what it is doing now to what it is going to do in Sept.
TP posted in another thread that the wait times are not very consistant, but they have people there every day checking the actual wait times every hour.
So they are using that with the predicted CL to come up with the times. Just like anything the more data they get the more accurate the times will be.
I would use the evaluate button on your plan periodically and see if they change, the closer you get the more data they will have and the more accurate the wait times will be.